I’m Quitting

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Hey Guy’s.

Yup, I am gonna quit Club Penguin. To some this is great new’s. To some it’s bad (Like true friend’s)

I got my reason’s:

1- My mark’s are getting seriously low!

2- Disney is getting back so much old item’s.

3- People are getting banned for no reason by Disney.

4- Club Penguin is getting boring, people there just want’s fame (not all)

5- Disney are getting same old free item’s back, they just change the color’s, they’re making same old parties and are banning people for fun

6- Papercuter, Vjjason, Kornareso, Dendo Guy, Ice Drills, Cptag, Krashio, Keithyy, Bubble07, Babble07, 77Gooner77, Van 91, Phipboy, Beaka, Shakan97, Mr Funguin, Fylliper, Jey009, Idontbreak, Ninja Boy1 might quit and some has.

7- Club Penguin in 2006-2007 was more fun. I remember when I used to hang out with my friend’s. Even DANCING WAS FUN THAT TIME!

8- Hit’s are getting low.

I wanna focus in one main reason which Mr Funguin is right about

“I dont see the point anymore about posting things that YOU can go and see on Club Penguin yourself. *Big deal – Party is here. Free item is…* Thats Blurgh”

I 100% agree with him.

So in December I will quit and change my site to a personal site.

I will still post Club Penguin post’s till December only.

Ok Guy’s that’s all for now.



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Furniture Sneak peak

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Hey guys Just recently Im Chido Quique from www.chidoquique.com posting for Ipenguin560, Billybob made a post with sneak peeks for the Furniture Catalog. Here they are:

I think Club Penguin is returning back everything like rare items, furniture items, etc.

I think this is the coffee shop furniture.

Also, please remember my party heres the invitation and more:

Hey guys we almost have 10,000 hits ;) its Time for a party!

Heres the info:


Cant read it?

heres the info:

Chido´s Party!

When? September 3rd (Chido´s Birthday too)

where? Sleet, Chidos Igloo at map!

Why? 10,000 hits and its my birthday!

I will be accepting ALL buddy requests

Special Guests: 1pinkie7 or Patricia, Flatoe (Porkchop8000) and Jonathan Rox and maybe muchh moree!

hope you can make it.

Also i will choose 3 penguins that were nice too mee at the party

I will choose 1 penguin to advertise his/her site, and be on top of my blogroll FOREVER

We will play Mancala hide and seek play instrumments, etc

Well thats all!

Chido quique

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Party Sneek Peak and REMOVE ME FROM THE SITE

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Hey everyone this is Chido from www.chidoquique.com posting for

Hello Penguins!

The Penguin Games are almost here and there will be tons of fun events for you to participate in. Grab some of your penguin friends and make a team! I’ve got a sneak peek here for you – Let me know if you can guess what these are:

5sneakpeek.jpgIn Other News: There’s a brand new poll out tomorrow on the website, so make sure you check it out and cast your vote!

well thats all also pls remove me form this site


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Stuff and please remove me

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New stuff:

Hey guys this is chido from www.chidoquique.com

The new pin is the dodge ball pin and you can find it at the Stage. This is the first pin hidden in the Stage.

There is a new Snow and Sports Catalog:

Here are the new items:

  1. Red Track & Field Uniform (550 coins) – Clothing Item
  2. Blue Track & Field Uniform (550 coins) – Clothing Item
  3. Bench (200 coins) – Furniture Item
  4. CP Pennant (170 coins) – Furniture Item
  5. Racetrack Straight (80 coins) – Furniture Item
  6. Racetrack Curve (120 coins) – Furniture Item
  7. Badminton Net (700 coins) – Furniture Item

Here are the cheats for the sports catalog.

This are the new uniforms

Click on the cheerleader’s hand, for the orange football helmet (360 coins).


There are new furniture items and a new background 😉

Igloo catalog Secrets

New                                      Old

Well, thats all!

Chido Quiique

And pls remove me from this site.



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Hey everyone this is Chido from www.chidoquique.com

Hey guys. The Penguin Games kick off on August 22nd. There will be many events held there.

The new catalog comes tomorrow. The new igloo will be a ship igloo

Finally, the upcoming events:

  • August 15 – New igloo upgrades, new snow and sports catalog, and new pin hidden.
  • August 22-26 – Penguin games begin.
  • August 29 – New furniture catalog, and new pin hidden.
  • September 5 – New clothing catalog, and new wig catalog.

Also, tomorrow on club penguin a new pin will be hidden.

Also dont forget to vote for me on http://poll.pollcode.com/Dr7y If you vote for me you willl be on my blogroll for 3 days or maybe a week!

You need to have proof that you vote for me to add you 😉

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Letter cheat by chewy and purp

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Hello everyone! this is Chido from www.chidoquique.com

If you saw my Post Below, this should tell you how to make a name like that on your penguin. Credit to Chewy Pup ands Purpalooloo for finding this cheat out. On how to do this cheat your penguin name must have letters i, e, s, u, or c. If they do not then this cheat won’t work. For example, my penguin name is Purpalooloo but when I log into Club Penguin I can make it like Pûrpâlõõlõõ when I log in. You can copy these letters below to do this.

  1. î
  2. ê
  3. ş
  4. û
  5. ç
  6. â
  7. õ
  8. û
  9. ñ

Also I took a picture of my penguin Theadore when I did these cheat. This is Pûrpalooloo´s penguin.

So like you can replace a U in your name with a û or with other letters.

Waddle on!

Chido Quique

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Funny Picture

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Edit: I have thought of this for a whole nigh and finally came out with a decision. I will not launch the feature anymore. I decided that funny pictures will be posted together with Club Penguin posts.

I just can’t take it. Posting funny pictures was actually what I do but a while ago, I announced that I will no longer post funny pictures. Well, here is an edit to the announcement. I will continue post funny pictures and, I will launch a feature to let you filter out my posts.


Here are some of the pictures that are really hot among the Internet now. Hope you like it!

That’s all!

-Metal Fury 2

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Scavenger hunt + Rockhopper + Stage

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Metal Fury 2: I am back! I was busying with school exams for a few day.

Hey guys! Dark Crow200 here.

The Scavenger Hunt has started. The first paper boat is at the Dock.

The second one is at the Cove.

The third one is at the Mine Shack.

The fourth is in the Coffee Shop.

The fifth one is in the Cave. It is at the windows beside the pool.

The sixth is in the Pet Shop.

The seventh is at the Ice Burg.

The eighth is at the beach.

Now when you are done, claim your prize by completing the puzzle.

Now, answer “Yes”.

You are done! Let’s move on to Rockhopper. He brought us some nice items. Here they are.

There is also a secret in his catalogue. Click on the Steering Wheel for the furniture item, Life Ring.

The new play is pretty cool.

Here is the front page of the catalogue.

That’s all for now!


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Aqua Grabber New Level Sneak Peek

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Here is a expanded image of the sneak peek I posted some time ago.


Expanded Sneak Peek of New Level of Aqua Grabber

Here is the sneak peek I posted some time ago which has not been expanded.


Sneak Peek of New Level of Aqua Grabber(Not expanded)

Also, Music Jam ’08 is going to end in three days so check if you know about the cool things below.

  • Giant instruments at the Dojo
  • Icicles that sound like xylophones when you touch them in the Underground
  • Floor piano in the Underground Pool (try flipping the green switch when other penguins are on it)
  • Music stages that play only if someone is on them
  • Big stage that changes music each day
  • AND… The Dance Lounge:  Hit the green switch to change the big background.  Click it until you see the music notes.  See if you can figure out which game the music is from!

 -Metal Fury 2

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Penguin Band Tracker

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Penguin Band has left so this widget will no longer be updated, again.

I have made a Penguin Band Tracker! It tells you what server and room the Penguin Band recently visited.

Here is the HTML code. Copy and paste it to your site.
<a title=”Penguin Band Tracker” href=”https://metalfury.wordpress.com&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”http://metalfury2.googlepages.com/penguinbandtracker.png&#8221; alt=”” /></a>


It will automatically updates once Penguin Band is spotted. Hope you like it!

-Metal Fury 2

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