I’m Quitting

Posted on September 4, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Hey Guy’s.

Yup, I am gonna quit Club Penguin. To some this is great new’s. To some it’s bad (Like true friend’s)

I got my reason’s:

1- My mark’s are getting seriously low!

2- Disney is getting back so much old item’s.

3- People are getting banned for no reason by Disney.

4- Club Penguin is getting boring, people there just want’s fame (not all)

5- Disney are getting same old free item’s back, they just change the color’s, they’re making same old parties and are banning people for fun

6- Papercuter, Vjjason, Kornareso, Dendo Guy, Ice Drills, Cptag, Krashio, Keithyy, Bubble07, Babble07, 77Gooner77, Van 91, Phipboy, Beaka, Shakan97, Mr Funguin, Fylliper, Jey009, Idontbreak, Ninja Boy1 might quit and some has.

7- Club Penguin in 2006-2007 was more fun. I remember when I used to hang out with my friend’s. Even DANCING WAS FUN THAT TIME!

8- Hit’s are getting low.

I wanna focus in one main reason which Mr Funguin is right about

“I dont see the point anymore about posting things that YOU can go and see on Club Penguin yourself. *Big deal – Party is here. Free item is…* Thats Blurgh”

I 100% agree with him.

So in December I will quit and change my site to a personal site.

I will still post Club Penguin post’s till December only.

Ok Guy’s that’s all for now.




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